Installing a Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace

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You will NOT void the warranty by installing the furnace yourself!

Every furnace comes with a complete detailed 59 page manual with lots of pictures and diagrams!

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Installing an outdoor wood furnace can be broken down simply. The parts needed will usually cost about $800 – 900.

This is just an overview:

  1. Pour a 4″ thick concrete pad to support the furnace. The Shaver Pro Series 165 with the 1/2″ firebox, weighs 1830 lb. The total weight with water will be about 3000 lb.  It will take only 1/2 yard of concrete for a nice concrete pad (approx 4″ thick), giving you a nice place to stand and load wood. You can also use SOLID concrete blocks or even railroad ties – anything that will be stable and support the furnace.
  2. Dig a trench, making sure it’s below the frost line, to prevent excessive heat loss and freezing. This is the maximum depth to which frost will penetrate the ground during the worst of winter. This depth varies from area to area. See this frost line map or call your local building inspector’s office.Putting the Pex lines below the frost line is not absolutely mandatory but it will save a lot of heat loss and wood. The ground temperature below the frost line is always 50-55 degrees F, even in winter – no matter where you live; be it Georgia or Alaska, so heat loss is minimal.Trenchers, ditch-witches and small backhoes can be rented inexpensively allowing you to dig the trench yourself with little effort, avoiding $40-60 an hour charge from your local landscaper, plumber or septic tank installer.I had two local laborers dig my 75 foot ditch by hand in just a few hours!You will be placing pre-insulated Pex Pipe in the trench, from the outdoor furnace to the house. We recommend using insulated pipe with  2 runs of 1″ PEX pipe plus two 3/4″ Pex lines for the hot water heater (and to fill the furnace) and a 12/3 110V wire. All of this comes in a in a 4″ pipe.  A picture of insulated Pex pipe is below.
  3. Remember to order a twine or thin rope to be put the pipe in case you need to pull a power wire (or pipe) through later. It will make it a LOT easier! You can also get the insulated pipe with the wire already in it!
  4. If you are connecting a hot water heater you will need another pump ($99), mounted indoors. This also supplies water to fill your outside furnace! See info and picture below.
    Install the heat exchanger in the furnace’s output plenum. (If hooking it to a boiler, you will install a water-to-water heat exchanger). You can usually find a size to fit your plenum so that little or no metal work is needed.
  5. Connect the 1″ PEX pipe at the furnace and at the heat exchanger.  We use simple compression fittings or SharkBiteâ„¢ style fittings, so a plumber is not needed! SharkBiteâ„¢ fittings are simple push-on fittings. Or use an adjustable wrench for the compression fittings.
  6. Connect the 3/4″ PEX pipe at the hot water heater. No expensive side-arm heat or plate heat exchanger is needed – since potable hot water is circulated directly from the hot water heater through the built-in domestic hot water heat exchanger furnace. It goes back to your hot water heater already heated up! This can save you $30-60 a month! This also saves you about $200 – $300 on a side-arm or plate heat exchanger and tempering or mixing valve. You will never run out of hot water again with our system!
  7. Install a new 15A circuit breaker ($8-15) in your breaker box and connect the 110V wire to the breaker and out at the furnace.  (You wire up the back of the furnace including the light – which is shipped in the firebox, so it doesn’t get damaged.)You can use a 12/3 wire to power up the furnace, so that the pump runs on demand, instead of 24/7, like with other furnaces. The third wire in the 12/3 wire is used for the pump instead of special thermostat wire, so that it only runs on demand when your furnace fan (or boiler pump) is running.
  8. Install a simple thermostat and hook it up: Use a $15 2-wire thermostat and hook it up to your existing thermostat. This allows the fan to be turned of and on as hot air is needed, without turning on your furnace. This way, your existing furnace will come on automatically as needed, as a backup (if you has a snowstorm and couldn’t get home, for example).
  9. Fill with water. Start a fire!
  10. You have started saving money!

Remember, this is just an overview. You will get a comprehensive 59 page manual with lots of pictures and diagrams to make it super easy for you! Over 80% of our customers install the furnaces themselves! That’s how simple it is.


Sales and Customer Service for installation


INSTALLATION KIT - Typical items needed which can be purchased locally or through suppliers that we can recommend.For one heat exchanger – 50 ft. from furnace

outdoor wood burning furnace insulated Pex pipeexample:50 feet - 
available up to 250 feet in one continuous run with no splices

Insulated Pex pipe – U.S. made Pex, wrapped four times with insulation $334.50
50′ 12/3 wire* 58.00
Installation kit includes all fittings, adapters, shut-off valves, etc. NEW LOWER PRICE!44.59
outdoor wood furnace concrete pad 1/3 to 1/2 yard concrete


outdoor wood burning furnace Pex insulation  Insulation (Solarguardâ„¢) for Pex pipe- ONLY if insulating it yourself ($135/roll)


Heat Exchanger for outdoor wood boiler furnace  We have over 100 different sizes available and we have
plate heat exchangers for boilers, too!


16″ x 18″ Heat Exchanger (129,000 Btu) with fittings- U.S. MADE 206.91
including shipping to a business
Pex pipe connectors Hydrocoil (heat exchanger) Kit
Elbows >
Straight >
Threaded UnionSharkbite Style Male Fittings for a plateheat exchanger (needed for boilers and snow/ice melt systems) 1 1/4 to 1′ reducer couplings $7.56/4,
3/4 SharkBite style fittings $10.50 pr., 1″ SharkBite style fittings 11.50/pr
Hot water kit, includes a thermostat, pump flange and fittings to attach everything; top and bottom 72.99

outdoor wood burning furnace pump3-speed pump
& 3-yr. warranty.

May not be exactly as shown

If heating domestic hot water, add $90 for a 3-speed pump; & 3-yr. warranty. $90.00
2-wire Thermostat; all kinds of different shapes, looks & configurations 16.00
25′ 12/2 wire* 12.00
110 V 20 Amp breaker 20.00

*Priced at Lowe’s on 2/28/09
Sheet metal (Rarely needed, only if a heat exchanger won’t fit your plenum) 31.00
4 hrs labor for duct work (only if needed for heat exchanger to fit) OR We can have one custom made for less than you think, saving lots of time and labor!! 120.00
Total varies with size of heat exchanger and the amount of insulated pipe needed. Total: $965.12

pre-insulated pex pipe for outdoors underground

Pre-insulated Pex pipe for outdoors – underground. You can also get the insulated pipe with the wire already in it!

Figure $3 more a foot over pipe you insulate yourself.

$5.95 a foot for 2 Pex pipes insulated  in a 4″ pipe.$7.95 a foot for 4 Pex pipes insulated in a 4″ pipe.

Prices will vary depending on supplier and locale

Sales and Customer Service for installation

Wood Heating Solutions and Shaver Furnace gladly accepts accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX as well as PayPal.




Download Diagram for Boiler and Hydronic installations such as for water radiators, water baseboard heaters, etc. (PDF file – Adobe reader required)

Download Diagram for hooking up a Pool, Hot Tub or Spa.
Building codes (or lack thereof) often allow a homeowner to do much, it not all of the work themselves. In other locations a licensed electrician and plumber may be required to do the actual hookup.

This usually doesn’t preclude you from putting in the concrete pad,
trench, pipe and wiring. Never cover the pipe and wiring before an
inspection, if needed!

Check with your local Building inspector’s office for information pertaining to your area and for the frost line level.. 


Backup Power for your outdoor furnace

We sell a battery charger and inverter combo that is easy to install and use!

Utility Power -When stove sentry is used with a 90 A-HR Marine Battery, its highly efficient circuitry can provide up to 8 hours of operation in the absence of electricity.

How it Works:

When electricity is present the Surefire Stove Sentry charges a battery and surveys the power line. At the instant that a power failure occurs, the Surefire Stove Sentry converts the energy stored in the battery to AC power. This assures operation of the wood furnace or pellet stove without interruption during the absence of electricity.

back-up power supply for outdoor wood boilers       back-up power supply for outdoor wood furnaces

When AC utility power is restored, the Surefire Stove Sentry reinstates AC utility power as the prime energy source to operate the wood furnace or pellet stove. Simultaneously and automatically the Surefire Stove Sentry commences the recharging of the battery, to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

You can also install a small solar panel to charge the battery, instead of using line power and use a less expensive inverter.

Bear in mind that you may also need a power supply (backup) for your furnace fan! A small generator will do the trick.



Click on picture for a HUGE image. Modem users click HERE.

Scroll to bottom of large picture to see piping, heat exchangers, hot water hookup and wires in basement.

Picture shown has heated garage in basement, but it could, just as easily, be a separate garage,  shop or apartment.

ALL of these parts are available from us a great prices and best of all they are high quality parts!

Many garages or shops use an air handler like the one below.


hanging heat exchanger coil for outdoor wood boiler


heat exchanger coil for outdoor wood furnace

Typical Heat Exchanger that is installed in the supply plenum
or ductwork (the one that goes to the vents in the different rooms).

Pre-insulated underground Pex pipe

Pre insulated Pex Pipe for outdoors – underground

What’s nice is that you have 4 Pex lines for heating your hot water tank. This also gives you a fill or supply line for your outdoor furnace. The 4 Pex pipes are surrounded by insulation – FOUR WRAPS of insulation with a black pipe around that. That’s 33% more insulation than triple wrap pipe!

Underground insulated Pex pipe for outdoors

For best results and less heat loss (less wood burnt)
always bury Pre-insulated Pex pipe underground, below the Frost Line.

You can also get the insulated pipe with the wire already in it!

Pre-insulated Pex pipe wrapped four times with insualtion

2 x 1″All pipe wrapped FOUR times with insulation as opposed to being only wrapped 2 and three times by Our competitors – and many use Chinese (junk) Pex!
 Insulated Pex pipe for outdoors 
2 x 1″ and 2 x 3/4″

$7.50/foot for 4-line PexPre-insulated Pex pipe for outdoors. Made to be put underground. Totally insulated with  FOUR wraps insulation.

Our competitors are only wrapped 2 and three times and many use Chinese Pex!Shaver Furnace customers get a 15%, making the pre-insulated Pex pipe as low as $4.97 a foot for 2 lines of Pex, $5.97 a foot for for 3 lines of Pex pipe, $6.67 a foot for 4 lines of Pex pipe




Sales and Customer Service for installation

Wood Heating Solutions and Shaver Furnace gladly accepts accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX as well as PayPal.


Diagram of Outdoor Wood Furnace Installation

Click on Picture for a LARGER IMAGE

Click on Picture for a LARGER IMAGE

This shows a single pump hookup.
A hookup for a 2nd pump is standard and is No Charge.
2nd Pump is $99


Single zone setup
with one pump
1. Goes to house, to heat exchanger.
2. Return from house heat exchanger.
3. 110V to pump, thermostat, and blower
4. Inlet from hot water heater to potable water coil
5. Outlet from potable hot water coil (not seen) – inside of furnace
6. To manual fill valve on front of furnace
7. Water supply to furnace from manual valve in front of furnace
8. Optional outdoor hot water supply. Great for steam cleaning!
9. Drain
10.Blower/Fan to fuel fire
11.Circulating Pump
12.Thermostat to control fan
Hooking up the Hot Water HeaterYou can heat all the hot water you need and store it in your existing hot water tank, just like you water heater does no, except that it will be free heat! This will save most people $35-$65 a month!

With an electric hot water heater, we recommend that you remove the pop-up valve and replace it with a 3/4″ nipple and a T for your incoming water. Put the pop-up valve back on one side of the T and the circulating pump on the other.

Remove the drain and do the same, putting in a T with the drain on one side and the outgoing water (Pex Pipe) on the other.

Put a surface mount thermostat beside, above or below the bottom element. About $5 – 8 at your local hardware store. Wire it so that 110V goes to one side of the thermostat and the other side is wired to the pump. Common goes straight to the pump, as well as a ground wire.

You just saved $200 for a less efficient side-arm or plate heat exchanger! You can still use the heater as normal. Simply turn the thermostat down lower on the hot water heater than on the thermostat just installed, or turn off your breaker for the pump (or unplug it).


hot water heater hookup for outdoor wood furnace

Gas Hot Water Heater

For a gas heater, there is usually a plate than can be removed to gain access to the tank itself. Simply mount the thermostat on the tank and follow the other instructions for water hookup above.


hot water heater hookup for outdoor wood burning boiler

Click on diagram above for a bigger picture
Be sure to click on lower right of diagram after downloading,
to make it bigger, if it appears too small..

outdoor wood burning furnace dimensions

Outdoor Furnace Dimensions

outdoor wood burning boiler dimensions

outdoor wood furnace concrete pad dimensions

Recommended Dimensions for Concrete Pad

You only need to put the pipe at exact 45 degree angle,
if you are making your own insulated Pex and using PVC pipe –
OR you get cab pre-made insulated Pex from us!

outdoor wood furnace firebox - water - insualtion

Shaver Pro Series 165 model holds 170 gallons of water..
Other models have up to 300 gallons of water.

Here is a list of the parts you need:

1. Installation kit (includes 2 shut-off valves, a drain and 2 SharkBite fittings) at $44.59 ea.

2. Hot water kit (includes a thermostat, pump flange and fittings to attach everything; top and bottom) $89.99 (BRASS)

3. Heat exchanger   U.S. made: $175 and up (Lifetime Warranty)

4. Hydrocoil kit (SharkBite fittings for the heat exchanger) $26.21 pr. (elbows)  $18.18 pr.  (straight)

5. Pump for the H/W heater  $90 (3 -speed & 3-yr. warranty)

6. Pre-made insulated Pex pipe for $7.95/ft. for a 4″ pipe with two 1″ Pex pipes and two 3/4″ Pex pipes – U.S. made. Our parts supplier offers a 17% discount to Shaver furnace customers, making the price of the Pex pipe only $6.67/ft.

6b. 3L Ins. Pex 2 X 1″ & 1 X 3/4″  Reg. $6.95/ft. Our parts supplier offers a 10% discount to Shaver furnace customers, making the price of the Pex pipe only $5.97/ft a foot.

6c. 2L Ins. Pex 2 X 1″ lines reg. $5.95/ft. Disc at $4.97/ft.

(If you only need two Pex pipes, for a garage, for example, you can use our pre-made insulated Pex pipe for $5.95 a foot (for a 4″ pipe with two 1″ Pex pipes – U.S. made.) Remember you still need a fill line or a way to top off the furnace, if it isn’t being hooked up to a hot water heater.

Our parts supplier offers a 17% discount to Shaver furnace customers, making the price of the Pex pipe only $4.97 a foot.

 These prices are plus shipping.

Note: The Pex pipe fittings we use are simple, push-on-by-hand Pex fittings

In addition to these parts, you will need to buy these parts locally:

12/3 UG wire

cement for the pad or solid concrete pavers/blocks

inexpensive 2-wire thermostat ($15)

Assuming that the furnace is going to be 50 feet from your home, you are looking at approx $426 for the parts 1-5 plus the Pex Pipe ($334 + shipping), if you want pre-made, pre-insulated pipe that you simply drop in the ground and cover up.

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